Diamond Carat Weight

One of most commonly asked questions we first receive from customers making inquiries into buying a diamond engagement ring for their partner is - ‘how big should it be?’

Everyone is different so there is no generic answer to this question. Some prioritise size over quality, others quality over size. Speak to us and we will help you find your perfect diamond:



Firstly, there is a trade off between quality and quantity in this equation. If you want to buy the most colorless, triple excellent cut, internally flawless diamond - a significant carat size bearing these characteristics is going to be rather expensive. It's much easier to purchase a larger carat size if you are happy to go with a near colorless, very good cut, very slightly included diamond.

Price wise a one carat, IF clarity, D color, triple excellent cut - and a two carat, VS2 clarity, I color, very good cut - are actually about the same. Some people will go for the bigger carat weight whilst others prefer the most brilliant, highest quality sparkling diamond. There is no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to finding the perfect diamond for you.

A practical recommendation we give to clients is to select a diamond slightly smaller carat size than the 1.0 carat or 2.0 carat benchmarks.

Whilst some clients feel they should cross the one carat threshold, the difference in diameter size between a 0.90ct and a 1.0ct is a mere 0.2mm (6.2mm instead of 6.4mm) yet the increase in price can be in excess of 25-30%.

It can be difficult to justify such a vast differential in price for such a tiny gain in carat weight. Kensington Diamonds recommend clients to consider a 0.95ct instead of a 1.0ct or a 1.90ct instead of a 2.0ct etc. This will save you a significant amount of money for a tiny sacrifice in diamond size.

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Engagement Ring Carat Weights