Diamond Color

When people speak of a diamond's coloring, they are for the most part referring to its lack therefore of, as the most expensive and in-demand diamonds are those which are completely clear and have no color whatsoever.

Diamonds vary in color from a completely colorless, icy white looking D grade - down the alphabet to Z, getting progressively more yellow with each grade.

At Kensington Diamonds we only stock colorless (D-F) and near colorless (H-J) diamonds in our inventory. Below this you will be buying a noticeably yellow tinted diamond.

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  • colorlesscolorless
  • very near colorlessvery near colorless
  • near colorlessnear colorless
  • colouredcolored (yellow)
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    The highest grade, an exceptionally colorless diamond. Rare and almost white in appearance.

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    Very Colorless, often indistinguishable from a D Color - even an expert would find it hard to tell the difference without masterstones to compare against.

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    Kensington’s recommended color grading. An extremely attractive option price-wise as it is significantly cheaper than a D color, yet still remains colorless to the eye.

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    Very Near Colorless. A slight tint of color when compared against a D grade, but still of a very high quality and almost undetectable when set onto a ring.

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    Near-Colorless. Generally considered the middle ground between colorless and slightly colored diamonds. Most of its very subtle coloring is offset when mounted onto a ring.

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    Near-Colorless. A slightly more noticeable tint of yellow, but still of a high enough standard to use for an engagement ring. Significantly cheaper than colorless diamonds.

  • J-

    Near Colorless to Slightly Yellow. Color can be seen more easily. Consider setting onto a gold band if you are keen to select a J color as this will help to offset its natural tint.

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Diamonds are graded in color from a D being the highest ranking and least colored, down to a Z - getting progressively more yellow grade by grade. Generally speaking it would be very hard for an untrained eye to tell the difference between the ‘colorless’ D, E and F grades, even right next to one another.

To compare, now take a look at the difference between an F and an H grade. Despite only being two color grades apart it is much easier to notice the H diamond possesses a trace more yellow coloring than its F counterpart.

People largely struggle to tell the difference between the grades of colorless stones, however the difference in price between a D and an F grade can often be 20-25%. Therefore a good tip for those seeking a colorless diamond is to consider purchasing an F color.

We will happily show you the difference between color grades if you make an appointment with us in store:

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G-H VERY Near colorless

Diamonds graded very-near colorless possess a subtle tracing of color, however when mounted onto a band the vast majority of this can be offset.

G Color diamonds are borderline colorless and an attractively priced option for those more concerned with a larger carat size, than a higher classification of color.

H Color diamonds are generally considered the middle ground between colorless and slightly colored diamonds.

  • I
  • J

I-J Near Colorless

I-J color diamonds possess a slightly yellower tint than the G/H colors, if this appeals, then we recommend you consider setting the diamond onto a yellow gold band which will help to offset the natural coloring and make it harder to see.

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K-Z Colored (Yellow)

These diamonds possess a greater degree of natural coloring, ranging from a faint yellow (K/L) - down to a more noticeable yellow tinge (from M down to Z).

We only stock diamonds of an H color grading and upwards in our showroom.

However, we are more than happy to help you source any coloring or shape of diamond you require. If you wish to proceed with a bespoke order we’d love to hear from you.

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