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162 28--33 GIA Diamond

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162 28--33 GIA Diamond


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Very Very Slight Inclusions 2 (VVS2)

A very high quality diamond, with tiny inclusions that will take a trained professional a while to see under 10x magnification. Impossible to see with the naked eye.


Very Good (VG)

A superior Brilliance and Fire, will reflect the majority of entering light. Even under magnification will appear similar to the 'Excellent' grading, so is an attractive option at a lower price point.

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Additional Information

Diamond Shape No
Cut Very Good
Color No
Clarity VVS2
Polish Very Good
Symmetry No
Fluorescence No
Carat 0.00
Table 58.00
Depth 62.50
Crown Angle No
Girdle STK to THK
Pavillion Depth No
Measurements 0
Eye Clean 100 % Eye clean
GIA Certificate link
Report Number 6261221739