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158 25--30 GIA Diamond

Sample Image
158 25--30 GIA Diamond

All Kensington Diamonds products are handcrafted in Tokyo, Japan. Order today and it will be completed by:

Jun 23rd

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Take 30 seconds to let us know which diamond shape, carat size, and ring setting you are looking for; and we will send you your very own custom proposal within 24 hours.


Internally Flawless ( IF )

A top-class diamond with no inclusions, only tiny blemishes may be visible to a trained professional only under 10x magnification. These cannot be seen by the naked eye. Less than 3% of stones could be graded to such an exceptional standard.


Excellent (Ex)

Maximum Brilliance and Fire, will reflect almost all of the entering light, creating an exceptionally bright diamond full of life and sparkle.

The Kensington Difference

We provide our clients the highest level of one-on-one service, in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Visit us and discuss your dream diamond with us over a glass of complimentary champagne and gourmet chocolates.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sku: #

Additional Information

Diamond Shape No
Cut Excellent
Color No
Clarity IF
Polish Excellent
Symmetry No
Fluorescence No
Carat 0.00
Table 56.00
Depth 62.50
Crown Angle No
Girdle MED to STK
Pavillion Depth No
Measurements 0
Eye Clean 100 % Eye clean
GIA Certificate link
Report Number 2256968646


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